Therapies by Laia Hernando

Massages and therapies to feel even better.

Shiatsu: through body movements, soft stretching and gentle pressure with the fingers, the Shiatsu technique stimulates self-healing natural processes, as well as well-being, inner balance and personal growth.

Shiatsu during pregnancy: a highly beneficial technique to improve your emotional well-being as well as yours and your baby’s health.

Japanese facial: a combination of facial massage techniques, lymphatic drainage and Shiatsu. It acts on the nervous system, increasing blood circulation and helping to deliver nutrients and eliminate toxins from the face.

Foot reflexology: helps restore physical and mental balance with a gentle massage and pressure on specific areas of the feet. It acts upon the nervous system, activates the circulation and brings balance to all body organs.

Thai massage: an intense, dynamic and deep technique that renews and provides balance at a physical, energetic and state of mind level.

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