A dune is a geographic formation caused by an accumulation of sand. Dunes usually have two sides —one bathed in light and the other in the shade, which in turn represent the allegory of Yin and Yang. Dunes are harmonious shapes in constant transformation due to the wind, just as we are due to our conscious breathing. This is how we (Laia and Gabriel), yoga instructors and promoters of DunaYoga Studio, see ourselves.

DunaYoga Studio is an experimental space for yoga located in the centre of Mahón, as well as a yoga experience beyond the studio walls: outdoor yoga, yoga in landmark locations, yoga at home…

Both Laia and Gabriel redirected their professional careers towards yoga and alternative therapies. After leaving everything in Barcelona and embarking on a trip around Asia and New Zealand, the winds led them to Menorca, an island to which they are deeply grateful.

(*) Laia and Gabriel are yoga instructors 200 RYS-certified by the Yoga Alliance. Their school of training is Swasti Yoga (Rishikesh, India) and their master Surinder Singh. Laia is also trained and certified in prenatal and post-partum yoga and Yin Yoga by the Yoga Alliance.