Yoga Styles

The main styles of yoga we practice at DunaYoga are:

Hatha yoga: the most traditional style, originating from India. The practice of Hatha yoga is dynamic and active —it provides strength, balance, confidence and creativity to face daily challenges.

Yin Yoga: a style based on the Taoist concepts of Yin and Yang —opposite and complementary principles that cannot exist without one another. Yin is calmness, earthliness, coldness, inwardness, slowness, femininity… Through a passive and slow-paced practice, we focus on working with the deep tissues in our body (fascias) to release tension and energetic blockages. In order to achieve this, poses are held in a relaxed manner and for a longer period of time, between three and five minutes.

Family yoga: we create stories and tales (Gabriel is a writer and has experience in writing children’s books) and use them to explain yoga to the children in the family while we practice the asanas (poses). Family yoga is a sharing experience for the little ones as well as for the adults: parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles… Their imagination and concentration are stimulated at the same time as they do physical exercise. Family yoga classes are organised on a regular basis. If you want we can organise an exclusive family yoga class for you!

Post-partum yoga for mums and babies: yoga classes for mums and babies during the first months of life together. In these classes we create a space to take care of you and your baby. We will work with dynamic poses to recover the pelvic floor and abdomen, to regain strength and release physical and emotional tension. A space to connect with your baby and to share with other mums. During the last minutes of the class we will do massages and yoga games for the babies.

When to start:

  • If you had a vaginal delivery: after 6 weeks
  • If you had a cesarean section: after 8 weeks