Yoga beyond rules

During our training in Swasti Yoga (Rishikesh, India), our master Surinder Singh —observing that we were unable to handle all the studying of asanas in our usual westernised style of learning— insisted that we stopped taking notes and writing, black on white, each of the details he was explaining. We, unanimously I’d say, ended up doing so. And, of course, he was right. Master Surinder’s aim was for us to understand something we thought to be absolutely impossible. He would say: “Everything you are learning here will be reflected as soon as you get back to your hometown and start developing your own yoga”. And surprisingly, it has been the case. Most of the merit, if not all, is his, for his ability to awaken the yoga we all carry inside ourselves.

However, and despite this, in the world of yoga you will still find many cases where the practice is subject to huge inflexibility and even orthodoxy. Restricting the practice to a certain set of rules, without giving the opportunity to internalise it or understand how it helps to connect body and mind, builds a path that takes us away from the virtues of yoga and, consequently, drives us further away from the development of our own self.


Yoga adapts to us —not the other way round. It is the combination of consciousness and determination in each asana that allows us discover our own happiness. And the truth is each one of us understands happiness in our own way, without rules. Happiness means peace and love, and yoga, like love, is beyond all rules.


Gabriel Pena | Duna Yoga

May 2nd, 2019. Maó, Menorca.

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